Fine Art Photography with Love

Hey! I’m Agnes

I’m a happy clash of old-school charm and people-lovin’, adventure-happy explorer.  I love kids, grumpy old men, sweet old ladies, babies and everyone in between.

I’ve lived that happily ever after (yes!! it totally exists and no, Hollywood is nothing on the real thing!)  and I dig weddings and family love.

I’ve been married to my very best friend for over 15 years (YAY) so I’m definitely a fan of marriage (and yes I was young, ha) ! My man’s a fantastic individual and I’m super blessed to be doing life with him and our kiddos.

My career life has taken me from tech support,  to flight attending, to running a designer label in New Zealand, to wedding photography. Best of all I love being mum to a reasonably sized bunch of fun and fantastic short people. 😉 We live on a chunk of land with various lovely animals and spend the days prancing about in gumboots while we live and love wild and free in the country.  🙂

I love cowboy boots, peonies, jeggings (for real!), permaculture stuff, meaningful conversations, wisdom, american vintage caravans and anything else pretty. I try to follow Jesus, fail far too many times but keep gettin up and learning.

I’m also a volunteer photographer and huge advocate  of Heartfelt Volunteer Photography, you can find their info here –  www.heartfelt. org.au

How I do photography

I love people and and I love taking photos of people. Landscapes are gorgeous but people are fantastic. I love documenting family relationships and I do that by being super easy, guiding where guidance is needed and simply documenting from the sidelines at other times. I so love capturing sweet family relationships. Especially if you have sweet grandparents, I so love sweet grandparents!

Unfortunately so many people dread having their photos taken, simply because in the past it may have been an awkward process and the results were disappointing. It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’ll let you into a little secret… you are far more beautiful than you think! I know how to take photographs that will show your beauty and  I have a great eye for making sure everything looks fantastic, I don’t just randomly snap away. I’m there to take beautiful portraits of you and your loved ones, so whatever you’re comfortable with works for me.

I do also have a thorough understanding of the right angles that suit you, how to effectively use light and teamed with my top level gear and expertise in post production, I guarantee you’ll love the outcome!

Just drop me a line and we can have a chat. I’m also totally for meeting up in person and sharing some coffees and chats. No pressure and no obligations cos that’s not cool.
I’m available throughout the South Island and beyond. including Timaru, Ashburton, Queenstown, Dunedin, Nelson, Blenheim  and everywhere in between.

If you’re looking for a photographer that will capture the beautiful you and make the experience fun and relaxed (yes, really!!  😉  ), then give me a call or send me a message.

Please note that due to my sweet family, I do limit the number of shoots I do. But feel free to enquire, I may just have availability, it never hurts to ask.