Fine Art Photography with a Fun Flavour!

Getting married in Christchurch and looking for a wedding photographer that you’ll really click with and that will get you from all the right angles?


I’m a happy clash of old-school charm and family-lovin’, meets adventurous world explorer.  Maybe that’s what drew me to photography!

Or maybe it is because I’ve lived that happily ever after (yes!! it totally exists and no, Hollywood is nothing on the real thing!)  that I dig weddings and family love.

I’ve been married to my very best friend for 15 years (YAY) so I’m definitely a fan of marriage (and yes I was young, ha) ! My man’s a pretty fantastic individual and I’m super blessed to be doing life with him and our kiddos.

My career life has taken me from tech support,  to flight attending through Europe, to running a designer label in New Zealand for far too many years, to wedding photography. And of course my best job ever..being a mum to a bunch of fun and fantastic little people. Somewhere in there we ditched our big shiny house, simplified our life and moved into a tiny house in the country.

I love cowboy boots, peonies, pretty dresses, american vintage caravans and anything else pretty. I try to follow Jesus, fail far too many times but keep gettin up.

I’m a closet fan of McDonalds frappes (ssshhh) and I’m thankful I was born in the era of salted caramel. If you were to come over to hang out for an evening we’d probably sit around in the orchard with a bonfire, vintage bulb lights and saussies and damper on sticks, alongside a massive salad. That or a mean spit-roast charcoal BBQ , cooked by my ridiculously talented man and served with a yummy Sauv Blanc

I’m also a volunteer photographer and huge advocate  of Heartfelt Volunteer Photography, you can find their info here –  www.heartfelt. org.au

How I do photography

Many people hate having their photos taken simply because in the past it may have been an awkward process and the results were disappointing and sometimes even embarrassing. Unfortunately an inexperienced photographer has no eye for flattering angles or lighting and any camera when not used properly will give you disappointing results.  It takes skill, experience and crafting to harness the beast that a camera is to reproduce the beauty that is actually there.

I’ll let you into a little secret… you are far more beautiful than you think! I know how to take photographs that will show you at your very best. I listen to you and work with you to emphasise your best assets.  Coming from a fashion background, I have a great eye for making sure everything looks fantastic, I don’t just randomly snap away. I can either document what’s going on or I can direct you, or  a combination of the two. I’m there to take beautiful portraits of you, so whatever you’re comfortable with works for me.

I have a thorough understanding of the right angles that suit you, how to effectively use light and teamed with my top level gear and expertise in post production, I guarantee you’ll love the outcome!

I’m also happy to tailor my packages to fit your budget.  Just drop me a line and we can have a chat. I’m available throughout the South Island and beyond. including Timaru, Ashburton, Queenstown, Dunedin, Nelson, Blenheim  and everywhere in between.

If you’re looking for a photographer that will capture you at your very best and make the experience fun and relaxed (yes, really!!  😉  ), then give me a call or send me a message.