Couples Photo Session Tips

Wear Complimenting Outfits, But Stay Away From Matchy-Match

-Do wear complimenting styles and colours. I don’t recommend matching outfits at all, but do find commonalities in your outfits to give the photos the same color palette and feel, without clashing. On the day of your photo shoot, you should both look like you’re headed to the same place., his flipflops and tee aren’t going to be a coordinated look with your evening dress and  heels.  Wear clothes that are on the same level of dressiness or casualness. If you need any help, let me know!

Different Looks

-Wardrobe changes are always welcome and will give you an alternative look for your photos. I always recommend having another change of clothing for both of you, tho it’s not a must either if you prefer not to.
You can get changed halfway through.Think something like tees and jeans, followed by a cute dress or similar.

Comfort is Key

-Make sure that your outfit is easy to move around in and fits you well. The better you feel in your clothes, the more relaxed and ‘yourself’ you will be during your shoot, which will result in you looking your best in your pictures. Having said that, don’t be afraid to go with a cute dress and heels (tho maybe keep the tall killer heels for another day if we’re doing outdoor shots!).

Keep the Crinkles at Bay

-Alongside dressing for the season and surroundings, you might want to choose the most suitable fabrics too. It might be a good idea to go with wrinkle-free material like jersey, chambray, or wool.

What do you like?

-I’ll direct you, so there’s no need to worry about feeling awkward. At the same time, there’s no harm to have a few of your own ideas/poses up your sleeves if you want to. Look through some engagement shoots together to get ideas and maybe pin some poses you want use for your own shoot. Engagement shoots are a great practice run for your wedding photos, so use it as an opportunity to simply try a few things out, and don’t be afraid if they don’t work out. Any model will tell you, you might feel a little silly for a start, but sometimes those ones look the best in pictures.


-Don’t be afraid to bring along a few props to help you with your poses if you want to – a picnic blanket, some bubbly, coffee, board games, books, balloons, maps, your pet, or even a camera of your own, all make great props!

Make-up and Hair

– We are sure you are both natural beauties, but a little make-up never hurt anyone when it comes to photography. A little color is just meant to enhance features on the photos.

Advertise another day

– Stay away from slogans or branding on your clothing, it ages the photo and stands out super strong against anything else. Patterns are fine, as long as you’re not both wearing patterns. Watch our for clash.

And finally, have fun! Lots of couples are a little daunted before their shoots, but once you settle into it you’ll realise it’s actually quite fun and the time flies by!

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